INTERVIEW: The Boombox Eulogy

INTERVIEW: The Boombox Eulogy

Earlier this year Auckland hip-hop group The Boombox Eulogy released their debut EP Crates & Collabs. Since then they've gone on to release tracks with well-respected MC's Angelo King & Raiza Biza. The boys were happy to answer some questions and talk about their influences, NZ favourites and their plans for next year.



ITNOR: Not too much is known about you guys, how'd you all meet in the first place?

The Boombox Eulogy: Simba (our MC) and Simon (DJ/producer) met during high school and started working on music together, they recorded vocals in an old shower that was turned into a make-shift recording booth. They then met Kriston (guitar/vocals) and Josh (DJ/producer) after moving into a dingy flat in Remuera. We all bonded over our love of old school jazzy hip hop and have been writing together ever since.


Hip hop groups who play together as a live band have always been a bit of a rarity. Are there any in particular you've looked up to?

A lot of our influence in terms of the live performance has actually come from watching New Zealand bands as opposed to any massive international acts. We all loved going to see groups like Homebrew when we were younger and really appreciated that extra vibe that came from hearing a song played live. Most of our musical hero's in hip hop got by with a set of turntables and a mic so the live performance element has largely been influenced by other genres of music we listen to as opposed to hip hop specifically. 


You’ve got a couple of tracks with Angelo King from Third3ye. How’d that connection form?

The connection with Angelo came about through Melodownz (the other MC in Third3ye) who's a friend of the group. We'd always been fans of Third3ye's music so we linked up with Angelo for an afternoon of writing and everything just flowed. We managed to write two songs in a couple of hours that we're really proud of. We're currently working on a single with Melodownz which we're excited to release.



It’s cool to hear scratching in some of your tracks. Do you feel the art of turntablism is fading a little - at least in the sense of it not being included in songs/production as much as it used to be?

Yeah scratching has died out a bit in hip hop songs, particularly in the mainstream - We think that it's a result of the more 808 and synth-heavy direction that hip hop's going down in terms of DJing as well as production. Scratching is a real staple of that old school sound so we think you need to have an appreciation for 90's hip-hop to want to use it in your music. It's also a bit of a nightmare carrying two 17kg turntable's to a gig so there's a practical aspect that puts off a lot of up and coming DJ's.


Who are some of your favourites in the New Zealand hip hop scene at the moment?

That's a tough one! Too many dope artists to name. We're obviously a bit biased towards the underground Auckland scene so we love what ENO x DIRTY, Bailey Wiley, Raiza Biza and Third3ye are doing at the moment. Its also awesome seeing all the unique young talent coming out through the Grow Room and Low Tide.



What does 2017 hold in store for you guys? Are you planning to hit the road & tour at some stage?

In 2017 we'll be looking to gig outside of Auckland a lot more as well as working on a debut album. We've also caught the acting bug filming our Hazy Nights music video, so we'll be working on some more visuals for past and future songs. We've made some connections with some extremely talented artists this year so will also be looking to get involved in some more weird and wonderful projects where we can.



Who would your dream guest vocalist be? Someone who would fit the Boombox Eulogy sound well..

There's so many talented artists out there at the moment but we'd probably have to say Anderson Paak. The guy is an absolute beast of a musician and has an old school flavour to him which would suit the kinda samples/grooves we choose. He's also always trying new things musically so it would be interesting to see what you could get out of a session with him.  The fact that he could sing as well as rap is also a massive bonus.


Follow The Boombox Eulogy on their social accounts below:


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-boombox-eulogy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theboomboxeulogy

Bandcamp: https://theboomboxeulogy.bandcamp.com/

Instagram: @TheBoomboxEulogy

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