INTERVIEW: william.

INTERVIEW: william.

Sydney based producer william. has been making serious waves in the last few months, with his soundcloud tracks now climbing into the tens of thousands range and promoting his name into the conversation of Australia's most exciting producers in the future beats scene. We were fortunate enough to share a few words with him recently


ITNOR: Describe your sound using three words

william. : future, ambient, opbounce


Who are some of your favourite producers/musicians that you have discovered on soundcloud? 

medasin, halpe, octbr


You're from Australia, tell us about your recent involvement with the Wu-Xi label/collective?

My recent involvement with Wu-xi has been something which has seriously boosted me forward as a producer. Everyone is supportive of one another in that group and I love it. Particularly my manager Mark Leach (who also runs Wu-xi), as soon as we started working together my name has seen some serious growth, far more than I ever expected to come of this music project, so I'm seriously grateful for all the work he does and all the time he puts in for me.



Have you had any pinch yourself moments yet? It was super cool seeing Boombox Cartel play your remix of Flume's track Wall Fuck in one of their mixes. And you've recently dropped a remix of their own track Supernatural (with Quix & Anjulie). Exciting stuff..

By the time this interview goes out, I of would have announced that I'm supporting mr carmack in January next year! When I got this news I was super stoked! Boombox playing my wall fuck edit was another one of those unbelievable moments - super big stuff happening right now. That Supernatural remix was super fun to make, too bad it's been taken down for copyright by soundcloud, but for anyone that hasn't copped a dl, there's a dropbox link in my soundcloud bio!


Have you played live much yet, and do you plan to?

As of now I’ve only played one live show for Wu-xi and I have the mr carmack support show coming up. I definitely plan to do more of those in the future. 


This is the classic you're stuck on an island question.. which three projects/releases from 2016 would you take with you?

Oh man this is super hard. I think I would have to go with Flume’s Skin EP, whereisalex’s seperate EP and What So Not’s Divide and Conquer EP.



What do you think the future holds for soundcloud? With the company tightening their restrictions on what's allowed on the site do you think a new platform might eventually emerge that artists gravitate towards?

I feel as if soundcloud is changing or “evolving” as everything does. Some will learn to cope with change, others won’t. It's really hard for me to predict the future of soundcloud but my personal opinion is that it will always stay a platform for emerging artists and will provide the needed exposure for them to move forward but the current way it's headed, a loss in users is inevitable. 


If you had the chance to work with anyone you’d like, who would it be?

This one's a little far fetched but it 100% would be medasin. I rate his production so much - such forward thinking material which has definitely been some of the most influential music to me as an artist and listener so far. Pretty sure I’m his biggest fan girl.


Any other musicians/friends in your circle that you want to shout out or plug?

So much talent out there right now, but I definitely have to mention people like Locus, Badrapper, Haydos, Milano, notpil and Keenan Mathias for producing some real heaters. Definitely keep your eyes on them.



Follow william. on his social accounts below:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/william_official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/williammakesbeats/

Twitter: @CrocombeWilliam

Instagram: @_williamcrocombe

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